Heirloom Albums

Photographs are created to be printed and enjoyed.

The images created on your wedding day will tell the story of your wedding. From the getting ready, to the tender looks during the ceremony and the hysterical speech given by your best friend at your reception, your album will serve as the source of joy, of sharing, of family history. Your album will perserve these momories and you’ll be able to pass them down to the next generation.

Your album is carefully printed, custom bound and finished by hand in the style of traditional bookmakers. The pages are printed on portrait grade paper to guarantee the best color reproduction and delivery of the finest details. Albums are flushmount on substrate for stability and durability. Cover fabrics include linens, silks and luxurious leathers for an elegant custom album.

Albums are typically purchased with the initial investment. Parent albums are also offered as design duplicates for gifts.

Luxe Albums

The Classic. Album spreads are printed on Crystal Archive photographic paper and adhered to a thick substrate for a satisfying hefty feeling. Albums are bound by hand and cover options include leathers, cameo cutouts, and laser engraving.

Fine Art Albums

This is a modern album that feels true to tradition, printed with archival ink on fine art matte paper for a museum quality art book that will last for generations. Pages are designed for panoramic spreads.

Bamboo Prints

A modern option: Gallery quality prints and adhered to a solid bamboo backing, hand sanded, and seemly float off the wall. Prints arrive ready to hang on the wall, no framing necessary.

Estimated Lifespan of Media 

CDs                       2-5 Years

Hard Drive            3-5 years

Flash Drive              5 years

Prints                         100+

Why Prints and Albums

It’s 30 years since the invention of the digital camera which has revolutionized the way we create and store memories. We no longer print hundreds of images that fill up shoe boxes or draws. Almost no one creates stacks of family albums made of loose leaf 4x6s anymore. At the moment we have cells phone filled with unseen and unused digital images, and we shelve thousands of important moments in the cloud. What will we have in another 30 years?

Technology has gone from prints, floppy disks, CDs, thumb drives, SSD, and now to the cloud for storing our memories. Most of those technologies are already obsolete. We take for granted that what is now, is what will always be, even though we see it rapidly changing right in front of us. How long before a JPG is replaced? Never mind how many times we’ve lost precious files to hardware failures.

While it takes time and effort to pick out your favorite images, once printed those image is enjoyed every day, every time you walk past it, show it to your friends or pass it down to your children.

Images that are printed are always thought of, enjoyed and celebrated.