Boston Engagement Session: Leominster, MA – Lizzy and Ben

I’m thrilled to share with you Lizzy and Ben. Lizzy has been my photography assistant for the past two years and brings a smile to everyone’s face. She infectious personality brightens everyone’s day. This year with all the changes that have happened to the industry I’ve missed working with her. So, I was thrilled when she asked me to photograph her engagement session. Also, I was so excited to finally meet Ben, the infamous man I’d been hearing about for so long that stole her heart! Lizzy picked an amazing location in her home town that was special to her and Ben, and she nailed it!
I hope you enjoy some of the many favorites from Lizzy and Ben’s session. They bring a smile to my face, so I hope they do the same to you. Also, here’s a little bit about the two of them:

Share a little bit about the two of you?

We met in college in 2013. We never officially dated…but let’s just say we had a flirtationship going on at some points! We stayed in touch after graduating in 2017 with the occasional text or phone call, but it wasn’t until fall of 2018 that we more seriously started talking and then dating the following spring! We’re both pretty chill, totally content to spend a day cuddling on the couch with popcorn and a movie marathon! But we also love to adventure and discover new things together. We were long distance for a majority of our relationship, but Ben moved to MA in July, so it’s been nice to be close, especially with the chaos that has been wedding planning.

What did you want captured between the two of you?

Genuine emotion and joy! We both love to laugh, and having that captured was far more important to us than going down a list of poses. Dexter Drumlin Reservation holds a special place in our hearts, as we’ve gone for many a walk there together, and I (Lizzy) actually grew up right down the street! It was so fun re-living so many moments (albeit in much nicer clothes) and making new memories that were captured so beautifully.

Were you nervous/excited about your engagement session?

We were pumped!! Angie is a great friend of mine (Lizzy), and who doesn’t want to gallivant around in a gorgeous field at sunset with their best friends?! And of course, the champagne was a nice addition too. We were so comfortable through the whole session, and it was honestly just a couple hours of straight laughter and fun.

How did COVID affect your plans?

Ah COVID… Well for starters, we are so grateful to be getting married on our originally planned date of September 5. However, not only did we have to totally replan the wedding, we had to change the country we were getting married in! Our original plan was to do a destination wedding in County Clare, Ireland. We are both big travelers, and we were so excited to have the Cliffs of Moher as a backdrop for our wedding day! But, like so many couples, we had to pull the plug on those plans, and we replanned everything in 2 months! Fortunately, we had only invited about 20 guests, so everyone will still be able to be at the wedding. We are so excited for whatever our wedding day has in store (18 days to go!), and we plan to make an anniversary trip to Ireland when things are back to normal.


Such gorgeous pictures in a beautiful setting. Very original and in a place where Elizabeth has many wonderful memories. Fantastic! Love each and every one!