Boston Surprise Proposal – Jenn and Ben


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 I set out to capture that special moment of surprise with an engagement proposal at the Boston Common Gardens. 

The couple lives in the area and often spends nights strolling through the gardens together.  Ben led Jen around the park, find excuses to walk her down to the statue where I was waiting with a friend to begin documenting the moment. That is where he popped the question. 

After the big surprise the couple shared with me a little bit on how they first met – 

Ben -“It was serendipity, a fortunate happenstance when I caught sight of Jenn 2.5 years ago at Alibi in the Liberty Hotel.  I  found my way to Jenn through a crowded bar.  We hung out just getting to know each other over a few drinks.  That evening when I dropped Jenn off at the front door, I gave her a kiss goodnight.  I’ve been kissing her goodnight ever since.

Jenn – “We didn’t know we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun” – A favorite quote of hers.

Oh!  Jenn said ‘Yes’.

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