Briar Barn Inn Wedding, Rowley MA: Natalie and Bob

What were you most excited about before the wedding?

Natalie: I was most excited to see Bob at the ceremony, celebrating with family/friends and to see all the endless work we’ve put into planning our wedding finally come to fruition.

Bob: Excited to recite my vows properly (I didn’t, but close enough), to let loose after the formalities and just party.

What moments did you love the most after your wedding?

Natalie: I really enjoyed our portrait session after the ceremony. It was nice to have one on one time with Bob after all the excitement. Also being at our reception and seeing all the people we love together in one room was really special.

Bob: The whole thing went pretty much as planned which we we very pleased with. The food exceeded expectation, which was one pleasant surprise. Otherwise just people’s positive reactions and willingness to party was great.

What was the best decision you made for your wedding?

Natalie: Picking amazing wedding vendors that we really wanted to work with was a big plus. Also having a day-of coordinator was a lifesaver!

Bob: Besides the open bar…just choosing great vendors and not holding back on anything that is truly desired in the wedding.

Which images did you love the most, any one specific ones and why?

Natalie: I love the portraits of Bob and I after the ceremony and the candid moments of everyone during the reception having fun.

Bob: Tough one – I am biased and probably like the portraits of my bride the most. The family photos are nice and the candid reception photos are great too.

If you shared a little advice for couples going through this process what would be the biggest take away?

Natalie: Don’t wait too long to book vendors you really want to work with and let go of the stress/expectations as much as you can, especially on your wedding day. When people say it goes by so fast, it really does! Just try to relax, enjoy and absorb all the love and celebration of the day!

Bob: Just sent it. Cut corners and save money where you can by all means, but if it makes your life easier to spend a little money it’s probably money well spent.

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