Jessica and Kyle Engagement Session

It’s very rare a couple meets with me and says, “we’re going to rock those photos, we’re supermodels.” Most of the time, someone’s wedding is the first time they have ever been professionally photographed, together or alone. In the end a successful session comes down to three things, comfort, lighting and emotion. With a bit of luck, we’ll end up with amazing weather. And with a bit planning, we’ll hit the evening light at the peak time when it pours into the background with a beautiful golden hue. After that, it’s all about getting comfortable with each other and of course bringing out that emotion. I keep the session natural and relaxed and just focus on the two of you.  I want you to connect and engage with each other. By the end of the session your face should hurt from smiling. The two of you should have stared into each other eyeballs so much you still see them when you close your eyes. I’m just kidding on the last part, but really, I want images that show your personalities. If you love to laugh and are goofy together, I want to see that. If you’re more shy and serious, that’s what we will bring out. In the end, we’ll have a set of images that ooze with genuine emotion and your incredible personalities.

I’m excited to share with you Jessica and Kyle’s photos. While they were a bit nervous about being in the spotlight,, I think we’ve solved that. Here are some thoughts from the couple:

“We were incredibly nervous about having our engagement photo shoot. Neither one of us like to be in the spotlight, so the thought of having a camera on only us was not exactly something we were particularly comfortable with. By the end of our session, we were sad that it was ending! After a few awkward minutes in the beginning, Angie really helped us to settle in and enjoy the process. We are even more excited than before for our wedding day because we know we are in good hands! We are looking forward to our low key, non-traditional celebration next June in Newport.”

Kate and Geoff – Engagement Session: Moore State Park, Paxton, MA

I love this first image of Kate and Geoff, they have an infectious laughter that gets to your core and you can’t help but smile. During the day Kate is saving lives as a surgical resident and Geoff is shaping the minds of future generations as a genetics professor. This weekend they are officially joining their lives together at the Heritage gardens in Sandwich MA. I’m looking forward to documenting their love for each other and their family and friends! 

Boston Engagement Session: Stephanie and Tom

A few weeks ago I joined Stephanie and Tom on their lovely engagement session in Boston. We went to some of their favorite spots in the city and and used some of the beautiful architecture. We ended our session on the esplanade, thankfully right at the perfect time of day, right as the sun was setting.  I’m really looking forward to their wedding this weekend at the Harvard Facility club.