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Boston Engagement Session, Bradley Estate: Anna and Sam

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Share a little bit about the two of you?

We initially met on the first day of college in 2007 when we were placed in the same freshman seminar, but didn’t start dating until after we finished college and both moved to Boston. We are complete opposites in so many ways, but find that we compliment and balance each other very well because of it.

What was really important to you when looking for a photographer?

We wanted someone whose work felt authentic, stylish, and modern. Genuine, yet simultaneously polished. Outside of stylistic concerns, we also wanted someone who would be easy to work with, pleasant to interact with, and detail oriented to ensure we captured everything on the big day.

Were you nervous about your engagement session?

A little! Both of us weren’t used to being professionally photographed, so we weren’t sure what to expect. We wanted to make sure to capture our natural interactions while still being flattering, and Angie nailed it! She made us feel so comfortable and the photos came out better than we could have ever imagined.

How did you decide your venue?

Sam is from Vermont and it has been a special place for us throughout our relationship. We love Burlington and wanted to get married in that area so our friends and family could experience the city, and hopefully love it like we do.

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Laura and Jack: Outdoor Engagement Session

engagement images with backlight in a field loveShare a little bit about yourselves
Jack and I met in high school and we’ve been together for almost 10 years! It’s been really special to grow up together — going through major life events like high school and college, first jobs and apartments, etc. Our friends and family have also gotten really close over the last decade so our wedding day is going to be incredible special with everyone.
Why did you decide to do an engagement session
We decided to do the engagement session because neither of us have been professionally photographed, outside of a school picture day or being in a wedding party. Angie suggested that getting in front of the camera, especially together as a couple, would be a great way to work out some of the awkwardness we might feel before being photographed on our wedding day.
How did you feel before after and during the session?
Before the session we were both nervous — it felt like an awkward task to be photographed in romantic poses. However, Angie was great and assured us awkward moments can make for great photographs! Jack and I are both outgoing and laugh a lot, so during the session we laughed out any weirdness and eventually figured out we needed more guidance. It was great to build rapport with Angie and also to know what to expect on our wedding day. We’re both so glad we did the engagement shoot — we feel more comfortable in front of the camera for our wedding day.

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Providence Home Engagement Session: Sandra and Connor


I may have share too many images, but Sandra and Connor and too adorable not too. This past fall the couple decided to do something a little different and opted for a home engagement session with there pup. I hope you enjoy them!!

Share a little bit about yourselves? 
I was born and raised on Long Island, New York.  When starting to look at colleges to attend, I knew I wanted to be in a small city somewhere close to NY so I could travel home on weekends if I wanted. Connor grew up  in South Kingston, RI where he was a competitive wrestler. So Johnson & Wales University allowed us both with the best of both worlds.
Connor and I ended up in the hanging out with same friend group through out our years. Although Connor graduated a year before me and it wasn’t until the following year that we reconnected and have never looked back. 
Why did you decide to do an engagement session? 
We decided to have a engagement photo shoot because I am a firm believer in photos are the memory that can’t ever fade. Being able to look back in years to come on such a special time in our lives is pretty incredible. 
Why did you decide to do that type of engagement session? 
We decided to have our engagement photos taken at our home in RI. When talking about a place that we felt most comfortable in and also meant something to us, our home is the first place we thought of. Not only did it allow us to relax more during the shoot, but being able to then have these photos for years to come in our first home together was an incredible experience.
How did you feel before after and during the session?
Before the session we were defiantly nervous, as neither of us are usually big on getting our pictures taken. Although afterwards, the feeling couldn’t have been more opposite. You made at feel so ” at home” during the entire session, allowing us to feel like we were truly just hanging out enjoying the moment.