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RedIsland Crossfit Photography

This past year I started crossfitting and honestly its kicking lazy self into shape and its not round anymore. This winter I decided to do a small personal project with some of the lovely ladies at RedIsland Crossfit. I thought I’d share with you some of the images from the project. I have to say, I’ve been to a few gyms now and I can say that RedIsland is the most challenging and supportive, mentally and physically. I’m so happy to be part of this little community. I hope you enjoy these.
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Doggie Kinda Day

Its been raining for about 3 days straight now and both Charlie and I are getting a little tired of being in the house. While I have been able to crank out the photos and edit some weddings, I think its about time to go out and play for a little while. I think this about sums up Charlie’s feelings for today.

Charlie, Puppy Love

I’ve always been a dog person. I can’t help it. I grew up with dogs and really cannot image my life without one. I want someone to go running with (when I actually run), to snuggle with, and to keep my feet warm at night. After long of consideration and a long long wait. I finally decided it was time to get a dog.

A local rescue agency was having an open house and I checked their online listing. There was a super cute, 2 year old female spaniel that was crate trained and already walked well on a leash. BINGO! This sounds exactly like my dog. I packed up and headed to the shelter. When I arrived I found that the super sweet dog I was already falling in love with online wasn’t there yet, she was still in Tennessee. Hmm.. Tennesse, well that put a damper on things.

So I decided that I should at least take a look at the adorable dogs waiting in cages all around me. I looked at about a dozen dogs but didn’t have one that felt like my dog just yet. Then I spied this small red female puppy sitting in her cage. As I looked at the puppy I told myself I really just wanted to hold a puppy. I asked someone if I could take a look at her. They opened her cage but the poor girl was too scared. She just shook in her cage and wouldn’t leave. So I waited to see if she would come out on her own. I leaned against the cages with my hand and waited for her to come out. However, her brother in the adjacent cage, came over to my hand and licked it a few times. He had the same red coat and adorable puppy face. I reached my finger into his cage and rubbed his nose. I figured since he wanted to come out and play, we should let him. I sat down on the floor to play with him and he came right in for the snuggle! He rubbed his head in my lap, licked my hands and stared up at me with those cute puppy eyes… Puppies really know how to sell themselves…  As I petted the puppy I knew I was hooked. It took a total of five minutes and I feel in love with him. I had set out that day determined to get a small female, well behaved, somewhat trained older dog and I knew I was going home with a larger, male, untrained puppy. I though of all the poo stains I was going to have to clean, and wondered how many chewed shoes was it going to take before he learned not eat my favorite pair of heals and to go to the bathroom outside. But it didn’t matter. I was in love.

I adopted a red dog from Tennessee. He’s a little lazy and has a southern drawl but I love him anyways.

This is Charlie: