Heritage Gardens Wedding, Sandwich MA – Kate and Geoff

– What led you to have a wedding the way you did? Family, friends, location, etc?

We chose Cape Cod for our wedding because most of our guests came from out of town, and we wanted them to have plenty of things to do during their trip, in addition to attending our wedding.  It was important for us to have a traditional Chinese tea ceremony in the morning because it was a way to bring our families together and directly honor the people who raised us.  We chose the Heritage Museums and Gardens for our Western ceremony because we had visited the site during our first trip to Cape Cod, on our one-year dating anniversary, and fell in love with the beautiful location.


– What were you most excited about before the wedding?

We were most excited about having our family and friends come together all in one place, to get to know each other and celebrate together.  They came from literally all over the world, so we hadn’t seen some people in years.  It was wonderful to have a reunion for this occasion.


– Did anything happened that you weren’t expecting?

At the beginning of the week, the weather forecast predicted rain for our wedding day, which made us (Kate especially) nervous because of the outdoor ceremony.  Each day though the chance of rain went down, along with Kate’s anxiety.  We ended up having the perfect weather for our wedding day. Everything else ran incredibly smoothly too.  We were told ahead of time to not be surprised if things don’t work out exactly as planned.  However, everything really did go well, thanks in large part to each of our experienced vendors.


– Which images did you love the most?

Our favorite photos are from our first look.  Even though we had already seen each other in the morning for the Chinese tea ceremony, this was really our first time in the day to spend alone together.  It was also the time when things really started to “get real.”  We think Angie really captured our love for one another in that set of photos.

– Any advice for couples going through this process or about to go through the process?

We were really excited to plan our wedding together.  In the beginning it may seem like a big to-do list, but the key is to stay organized and take your time. We were both really busy with our jobs, but planning was manageable by doing one thing at a time instead of trying to do lots of different things all at once. We created Google spreadsheets, so either of us could access and edit the information, whether we were at work, at home, or on the road.  Remember that this is your wedding, so tailor it to suit what you want, not what other people or tradition dictate is necessary.  As someone told us, the only things you need to get married are the two people getting married, the license, and the officiant.  Anything else is completely up to you!










Wedding: The Red Barn and Outlook Farm, South Berwick, Maine. Maggie and Patrick


– What lead you to have a wedding the way you did? Family, friends location etc?

We didn’t want to get carried away and lost in the whole planning process.  We only visited one venue [the Red Barn] it was great, so we booked it.  We wanted to make sure we enjoyed the day and that our friends and family enjoyed the day so we cared about keeping things simple for ourselves and throwing a great party for our guests.  We also wanted to make sure we documented the day and that we’d be able to revisit it years from now.  We probably did the most research on photographers and couldn’t be happier that we went with Angie.

– What were you most excited about before the wedding?

It was an excuse to pull all of our friends and family into the same room for a night. Beyond the thought of marriage alone, we were most excited about that room full of people and celebrating with them.

– Did anything happened that you weren’t expecting?

Maggie: I didn’t expect to keep it together before the ceremony. Honest. I was a puddle of tears the week leading up to the wedding. Patrick wrote a funny note the day of the wedding so as not to befoul my makeup but I still lost it by the time i finished the note. Hell, I’m crying as I write this now.

Patrick: I really didn’t expect everything to go as smoothly as it did.  I figured there would be some sort of hiccup that would stress us out, but there really wasn’t anything.  I also did not expect that it would be 70 degrees in November.

– Which images did you love the most?

This is such a tough one. I think our favorite images are the ones where we are being our goofy selves, despite being dressed very elaborately. Angie captured our personality. It’s great to have the formal portraits for tradition sake, but the candid moments between us or our families and friends are so much fun to revisit.

– Any advice for couples going through this process or about to go through the process?

Write things down. Take photos. Document this time. There’s no question that, when in the thick of it, wedding planning can be all-consuming. Two months after our wedding, the year we spent planning already feels distant. I created a “road to the wedding” photo album along the way, in an effort to capture the all of the mundane moments that got us closer to our wedding day.  Our wedding photos from Angie are stunning, and the “road to the wedding photos” are unkempt. All of these memories that tell the story of us are equally as important. The stunning and the unkempt – that’s us.

Willowdale Estate, Topsfield, MA : A Wedding Styled Shoot

Organic Dusty Blue Wedding Inspiration Styled Shoot

The design for this editorial shoot was inspired by our love for timelessly romantic and organic florals and the charm of historic architecture at Willowdale Estate.

We collaborated with the talented Misty with Nectar Floral Design to create a feminine, timeless and romantic setting. From the textural greenery hanging from the chandelier, lush and elegant centerpiece and tabletop details, to the soft bouquet – Misty designed soft and fresh floral designs using a blend of soft blush, dusty blue and muted grey and mauve tones.

The tablescape was complete with BBJ Linen’s recently launched ‘Flint Cora’ linen paired with their ‘Artic Velvet’ napkins and Boston Rustic Wedding Rental’s Crossback Chairs. Specialty table top items from Kadeema Rentals paired with delicate paper materials designed by Roseville Designs and modern custom marble place card accents created by Antea Amoroso helped us to bring the table to life.  For our sweetheart table, we used the estate’s window ledges to create a nook, filled with custom pillows by BBJ Linen and rich velvet linen. Jenny’s Wedding Cake’s designed a sophisticated and modern wedding cake with silver metallic leaf accents.  

Our model, Mazie, looked stunning in her Essence of Australia gown from Bella Sera Bridal. The gown’s gentle ivory lace, blush tulle and textural beading offered a soft and sophisticated look, with a touch of drama. Mia Carbone Hair and Makeup by Christina Gallardo did a flawless job of delicately styling our model for an effortless and romantic look. Custom made jewelry and engagement ring designed by Dugan Custom Jewelers were the perfect final touches for our bridal look.

– Rene Sabo of Urban Events


Vendor Team: