FireFly Brewery Wedding in Connecticut: Patrick and Drew

CT_Wedding_FireflyBreweryAndrew and Patrick are one of the most incredible couple I’ve come to know. The pair suited up for their wedding together sharing moments throughout the day. The couple shared their marriage with their friends and family by having guests speak during the ceremony. It was an emotional experience to say the least. Here are some of my favorite images of one of my favorite couples.  
Angelina Rose Photography-2 Angelina Rose Photography-3 FireflyBrewery_Photography_Wedding Artistic_Wedding_Photography Angelina Rose Photography-6 Angelina Rose Photography-29 Modern_Wedding_CT Angelina Rose Photography-12 Angelina Rose Photography-15 Angelina Rose Photography-17 Angelina Rose Photography-13 Wedding_Photography_CT Angelina Rose Photography-19 Angelina Rose Photography-20 Angelina Rose Photography-23 Angelina Rose Photography-59 Wedding_photography_Modern Wedding_CT_Photography Angelina Rose Photography-31 CT_Photographer_FireflyBrewery

If you’re looking for killer images for your LBGT wedding, make sure to get in touch!

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