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What if…

you knew how to build a photography business that would connect you with your ideal client?

you weren’t anxious about next year’s bookings?

you felt confident in your skills to photograph moment-driven weddings?

you knew the steps to prevent burnout and loved your career?

your clients fully trusted you and valued their images?

If we had this guide before going down the rabbit hole of wedding photography, we’d have hit our career goals earlier and saved time, stress and money.

This is our magnum opus of everything we wish we would have known when we started.

Take the first step and sign up to build your moment-driven wedding photography business with Revealing the Narrative for Weddings.

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Throughout the years, I’ve spent countless hours mentoring other photographers and it’s always one of the best and most rewarding experiences – personally and professionally. I’ve loved pushing students and watching them grow into successful business owners. The personal relationships have been rewarding and turned into some of my best friendships.

One of my favorite people and photographers, Gina Brocker (whose work I also admire) and I bonded over our love of moment-driven photography. During our talks, we discovered we both had times in our careers when we were a bit nervous, and maybe even slightly scared to be offering a more documentary approach to wedding photography. We saw other great photographers and assumed that the way to have a successful business was to follow what they were doing. We both initially struggled a bit with finding our photographic voices. We juggled between what we wanted to show and what we thought we had to show. However, we both independently discovered that in order to have happy clients and produce art that is valued by both ourselves and our clients, we had to produce work we were proud of and loved. Work made of uninterrupted moments, love, joy and raw emotion on the wedding day. Work that stole the heart of our clients.

Through our love of photography and our joint admiration for moments, we’ve come together to form Revealing the Narrative, for Weddings, an online photography course to help other photographers who are struggling to find their voice and show moment-driven images as well. We’ve pulled all the resources and knowledge we’ve had over the past 10 years to develop the most thorough in-depth wedding photography course to teach you about creating a business you’ll love. We go over the mistakes we’ve made and the steps we’ve taken in order to create our businesses in one of the most over-saturated and competitive wedding markets in the US. This is our magnum opus for wedding photography to help save you time, energy and money and get you on track to the rewarding and fulfilling career you want and deserve. Prepare yourself for a lot of hard work, and for one of the most wonderful careers you’ll ever have.

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 Gina and I hours into course creation while my pups energetically sleep on the floor.