Fruitlands Wedding, Harvard MA: Emily and Simon

bride and groom runnig

What were you most excited about before the wedding?

Emily – I was excited for all of it, but I was mostly excited for the pictures. It was really important to me to get fantastic photos from the wedding.

Simon – After a long time waiting and everyone telling me how beautiful she looked, I really wanted to see Emily in the dress. The reveal moment ended up being exactly as wonderful as I had hoped.

What moments did you love the most after your wedding?

Getting the photos through for the first time and getting to relive the wedding in the slideshow that Angie had prepared was a really beautiful moment. There were tears all round and we were so happy with how it turned out.

What was the best decision you made for your wedding?

Simon – Doing the formal photos before the ceremony. This meant that after the ceremony we could spend time with everyone instead of having to spend time doing lots of photos.

Emily – Packing up our meal so we could eat it later at the hotel. We were running around so much during the wedding and it was really nice that night to sit down with our food and relive the day a little in a quiet space. It might sound trivial, but it helped us to reflect and breathe and enjoy the moment together.

Which images did you love the most, any one specific ones and why?

Simon – I loved the sunset photos the most as I’ve always loved the sunset and Angie captured it really beautifully with us in the foreground. I also loved the pictures from the Ceilidh where the movement and dynamism of the dance really came through in the photos, bringing back strong memories even a couple of months after the wedding.

Emily – I liked the ceremony photos and the sunset photos, but I also loved the photos from the speeches where Angie managed to get a lot of the reactions to the speeches and not just photos of the speaker. The wide shot of my veil flowing in the wind might still be my favorite photo though.

If you shared a little advice for couples going through this process what would be the biggest take away?

Once you get to the day, there is little, if anything, you can change. You might be stressed in that moment and hoping everything goes to plan, but you’re out of ways to influence it so try to take a deep breath and enjoy it as much as possible. You only get to do it once (if you’re lucky) and it’s worth getting completely lost in enjoying the moment.

Venue: Fruitlands

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