Indian Pond Wedding, Kingston MA: Jodi and Walter

Jodi and Walter have some of the biggest smiles you’ll ever see. The couple opted for a small family only wedding at Indian Pond Country Club. I asked the couple to share a few things about their thoughts on their wedding.
What were you most excited about?
    – The first look and being married. Walter couldn’t believe that Jodi decided to wear a veil for there wedding.
      Jodi and Walter were happy they decided to do the first look because it provided them a little bit of private time together.
What were some of your favorite moments of the day.
    – The improtu speechs.
      The couple was introduced, sat down and gave a welcome speech. Then guest after guest walked up to the mic to tell a heartfelt story, say a few kind words or to wish them well. The children even too part of the speeches, one brought Jodi to tears!
In retrospect was there anything you would change?
   – Jodi: nothing.
   – Walter: a DJ.
I hope you enjoy some of the images from their wedding day.