Indian Wedding, Day 1: Paven and Erich

Indian Wedding-1I’ve been looking forward to this wedding for so long. Paven and Erich are such an incredible couple. The couple wanted to merged their cultures together and ended up having a beautiful colorful wedding filled with love and beautiful moments. Their wedding ended up being a 3 day affair. I thought it would best to show the wedding in the order that it occurred starting with the first day, the the Sangeet. The night started Paven’s gorgeous Mendi done by Shweta Tekade. The intricate design of the Henna were stunning and hidden in the pattern was Erich’s name. Friends and family came up to Paven and blessed her with turmeric. Afterwards the couple lit up the room with an incredible dance scene. Rishi of Silk Events did an wonderful job keeping the dance floor going strong. Here are some of my favorites from the night! Indian Wedding-2Indian Wedding-3Indian Wedding-6Paven and Erich-282Indian Wedding-7Indian Wedding-8Indian Wedding-11Indian Wedding-13Indian Wedding-14Indian Wedding-15Indian Wedding-16Indian Wedding-17Indian Wedding-18Indian Wedding-19Indian Wedding-20Indian Wedding-21


[…] and Erich To view the images from their 3 day wedding click the following links: Day 1 – Day 2 – Day 3 […]

Angie, we love your beautiful photos of Paven and Erich’s wedding. Your photos tell the story of the all events at the different ceremonies and have captured the indescribable joy in the faces of the happy couple, their family, friends and all of the invited guests in so many different ways. Thank you for that. Moreover, these photographs are timeless and hold wonderful warm memories that will be treasured and enjoyed by so many friends and family who were not able to attend this long awaited wedding, in many different parts of the world, not to mention for generations to come. Thanks again Angie

Thank you so much Shinder and Saranjit. It was such a pleasure to document this joyous event for your family. Everyone was wonderful and the love for Paven and Erich was overwhelming. Thank you for having me.