Intimate Micro Wedding, Franconia NH: Anne and Eamon

What led you to decide to celebrate the wedding the way that you did. Was it a big adjustment from what you originally planned?

We got engaged literally two weeks before the world shut down, so luckily we hadn’t put down a deposit on a venue yet. Many people have decided to wait for the big party, but at the end of the day, we just wanted to be married to each other! Of course we will celebrate with everyone when we can, but we didn’t want to put our life plans on hold just for a big party. 

What was the best part of your wedding?

For a COVID wedding, the day was actually pretty perfect, so it’s hard to pick the ‘best’ part. The toasts were definitely a highlight. There is one picture of my dad looking at me as he gave his toast, and you can just feel the love coming off of him. The next best part was the cake and s’mores. Eamon did a good job smashing the cake in my face – good thing it was REALLY good cake!

What were some of your favorite images? 

My favorite images are the beautiful candids that Angie was able to capture. There is one that we have been referring to as our ‘Vogue shoot’ picture. When Eamon first saw it, he said ‘I could swear I’ve seen this picture before in a cologne ad in GQ.’ Naturally, it’s already framed prominently in our house. I am also so happy with our family formals, especially with my grandparents. These are pictures that I will have forever.

Any advice for couples going through this process or about to go through the process?

Try to live in the moment, the day can get away from you! Though we didn’t have the big wedding that we had originally planned, I actually think it was for the best. We had a lot more quality time with each other and our families, time that we may have not had otherwise. I remember thinking at the end of the day, even though I missed having more family and my friends, I don’t know how I would have fit everyone in! 

Additional Thought:

It was really important for us to capture not only beautiful formals, but candid shots that captured the essence of who we are as a couple, as well as our family members. This was even more important for a COVID wedding because we wanted to be able to share the pictures with our family and friends who were not able to attend. We wanted them to feel like they were there and feel the love and beauty of the day, like we do when we look at our wedding pictures. 

Fun fact, Anne has a stunning Jewelry line which I highly suggest you check out Annie James Jewelry @anniejamesjewelry. Her company also donates 20% of the profits from each necklace to CancerCare, which directly supports thyroid cancer patients with the cost of long term medical treatment.

Also, the incredible flower were from Tarrnation Flowers @tarrnationflowers and the venue is the Profile club (@theprofileclub) in Franconia NH.