Intimate Weddings and Elopements

Are you planning a small wedding or looking to elope? AIntimate weddings are where my heart lies. Sometimes a slower day with just the two of you at city hall is perfect. Others share their day with their closest friends and family. If thats the case, take a look at what an intimate wedding looks like. Here we can really focus on what matters most, your love and connection. Below are a mix of city hall elopements, 10 person weddings, 40 person weddings and destination weddings.

Want to know a small tid-bit, I’ve actually photographed secret elopements. I loved it.

Thinking of eloping in Boston?

Take me along! There’s no reason the ceremony doesn’t still deserve proper photography to capture the moment. Elopements are one of my favorite celebrations to document. Looking for some tips on how to get it done? I’m here to help!

1 – Apply for a Marriage License

For Massachusetts you have to apply at any city or town hall. Make sure to bring the important information, identification, social security number etc, and fill out the form. Typically the license is ready in 3 business days and usually requires cash.

For some quick tips and contact info on having a wedding at Boston City Hall click here and to eloping at Cambridge City Hall click here.

2 – Scheduling Your Ceremony Time

If possible, I would plan around sunset. In the wintertime that means a morning time, however, in the summer, plan as late as possible. However, keep in mind that on Friday’s City Hall tend to close early (getting in their beach time I suppose).

3 – Arriving for the ceremony

Parking in Boston is always a challenge. I strongly advise planing extra time to find some parking or using the MBTA or Lyft/Uber. Also, I love couples portraits on the MBTA.

4 – Guests

 Most City Halls put restrictions on how many guests are allowed into the room. Boston City Hall limit is usually 4 guests, Cambridge City hall is 10 guests, but make sure to double check. You may get lucky and sneak an extra person in.

6 – Ceremony

This is your moment to just soak it in, feel the love and exchange vows. Go for it, I’ll be there to capture all the smiles, small gestures, big excited laughs and hugs.

5 – Mark the Occassion

What to do after this wonderful moment? Laugh, hug, smile and take some portraits! This is your opportunity to really enjoy the love the two of you share, so let’s do it in a meaningful setting. Pick somewhere important to the two of you, your neighborhood, Boston Commons, Boston Harbor, your favorite restaurant or even if its just on your couch in the home you love, lets create some honest photographs of the two of you.