NH Beach Wedding, Becca and Josh


Becca and Josh’s wedding was comprised of everything a wedding should be, amazing friends, family and having an incredible time together. The couple held their ceremony at the waters edge with their toes in the sand. Afterward they held the reception at the Seaglass in NH overlooking the ocean. Once the dancing started it never really ended. Make sure to look through some of the dance moves and the surprise they had at the end of the night. I hope you enjoy them! angelina-rose-5 angelina-rose-6 angelina-rose-8 angelina-rose-9 angelina-rose-11 angelina-rose-12 angelina-rose-14 angelina-rose-16 angelina-rose-17 angelina-rose-18 angelina-rose-19 angelina-rose-20 angelina-rose-22 angelina-rose-23 angelina-rose-24 angelina-rose-26 angelina-rose-27 angelina-rose-30 angelina-rose-32 angelina-rose-33 angelina-rose-35 angelina-rose-38 angelina-rose-39 angelina-rose-41 angelina-rose-42 angelina-rose-44 angelina-rose-45 angelina-rose-46 angelina-rose-47 angelina-rose-49 angelina-rose-50 angelina-rose-51 angelina-rose-52 angelina-rose-53 angelina-rose-55 angelina-rose-57 angelina-rose-58 angelina-rose-59 angelina-rose-60 angelina-rose-61 angelina-rose-62 angelina-rose-63 angelina-rose-65 angelina-rose-66 angelina-rose-69 angelina-rose-70 angelina-rose-72 angelina-rose-73 angelina-rose-76

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