Providence Engagement Session: Ana and James

Share a little bit about the two of you?

When we first met, we immediately bonded over our love of books (hence why we’re getting married in a library!) It was so easy for us to talk, spend time together, and be ourselves with each other. Even with some of the stresses of life (changing jobs, buying a house, planning a wedding) there is never a moment we aren’t grateful we have each other. We are so excited to get married!

What was really important to you when looking for a photographer?

We both wanted someone who was going to be able to capture the authentic moments of connection at our wedding–between the two of us of course, but also moments with our family and friends! We wanted to avoid the typical posed/scripted photos for something real. (Which is why we are so glad we found you, Angie!)

Were you nervous/excited about your engagement session?

Definitely both. Neither of us had ever done something like that before, but it was great to get more comfortable with being photographed before the wedding. It was ultimately so much fun and we love our photos!

How did you decide your venue?

We went to the Athenaeum on one of our first dates together. It’s a very special place for both of us.