Saphire Estate Wedding, Sharon MA: Casey and Colby

What lead you to have a wedding the way you did? Family, friends location etc?

 It was very important to us to have the wedding local for most guests. I grew up in Canton and most of my family and friends still live in the area. Most of the guests did not have to travel far and weren’t obligated to get a hotel room or spend their whole weekend away. It was also important to the both of us to get married in a church because that’s how we both always pictured our wedding.

What were you most excited about before the wedding?

We were obviously very excited to get married but we were both really looking forward to the party after! We knew celebrating with all of our friends and family at the reception would be a blast! Also, I was so excited about finally wearing my dress and Colby getting to see me in it!

Did anything surprise you?

I was surprised I didn’t cry! I always tear up and cry at other people’s wedding so I was fully expecting to ball my eyes out at my own. Instead, I was just so happy all day!

Which images did you love the most?

Colby loves the formal pictures of just me in my wedding dress and the picture of us where he is holding my dress up as we are walking in the woods. I love the candid photos like walking down the stairs to meet my dad, Colby and I hugging outside of the church where you can see my long veil, him kissing my hand as we are sitting on a bench, feeding each other cake, and my dad and I dancing with my mom and grandparents in the background. I could go on and on!

Any advice for couples going through this process or about to go through the process?

Pick what is important to you and just go for it, even if you have to splurge a little. We decided that the photographer and the DJ were the most important to us so we made sure we picked the right vendors for us. Our plan worked perfectly; our DJ provided an awesome party and we couldn’t be happier with our photos!

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