Smith Barn Wedding at Brooksby Farm in Peabody MA: Elena and Peter

Angelina Rose Photography-33

I’m really excited to share with you the lovely Elena and Peter. These two were married at Smith Barn Wedding at Brooksby Farm in Peabody MA. The wedding was a day after a tropical storm rolled through. So while it was a bit brisk out, we had no rain and the clouds made for an interesting backdrop. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from their wedding day, but I must admit this one was quite difficult to narrow down. Angelina Rose Photography-1Angelina Rose Photography-3Angelina Rose Photography-5Angelina Rose Photography-7Artistic Boston PhotographerAngelina Rose Photography-10Angelina Rose Photography-11Smith Barn Wedding PhotosAngelina Rose Photography-15Angelina Rose Photography-100Angelina Rose Photography-16Angelina Rose Photography-17Angelina Rose Photography-18Angelina Rose Photography-19Angelina Rose Photography-22Angelina Rose Photography-23Angelina Rose Photography-25Angelina Rose Photography-26Angelina Rose Photography-27Angelina Rose Photography-28Artistic Wedding Photos MAAngelina Rose Photography-35Angelina Rose Photography-36Angelina Rose Photography-38Angelina Rose Photography-42Angelina Rose Photography-41Angelina Rose Photography-44Angelina Rose Photography-46Angelina Rose Photography-47Angelina Rose Photography-51Angelina Rose Photography-53Angelina Rose Photography-55Angelina Rose Photography-54Angelina Rose Photography-56Angelina Rose Photography-57Angelina Rose Photography-58Angelina Rose Photography-60Angelina Rose Photography-63MA Smith Barn Wedding PhotosAngelina Rose Photography-68Wedding Photographers in MAAngelina Rose Photography-73Angelina Rose Photography-75Angelina Rose Photography-76Angelina Rose Photography-79Angelina Rose Photography-81Angelina Rose Photography-83Angelina Rose Photography-82Angelina Rose Photography-84Angelina Rose Photography-86Angelina Rose Photography-89Angelina Rose Photography-91Angelina Rose Photography-92Angelina Rose Photography-93


You killed it! This is my favorite wedding of yours!

Thanks Audrey!! It was such a great wedding! It might also be my favorite!