Dartmouth MA Wedding- Hawthorne Country Club: Kerry and Matt

AngelinaRosePhotography  (206)I’m really excited to share with you Kerry and Matt’s amazing wedding at Hawthorne Country Club in Darthmouth MA. While, the weather in New England is know for being unpredictable, this year its been unbearable.  Thankfully, Kerry and Matt’s wedding, while being threatened with a torrential downpour all day, managed to stop raining just in time for the couples first look and ceremony. While the sky wasn’t bright and sunny, it left beautiful diffused light which helped to create a wonderful scene for their ceremony.

Besides being in love with Kerry’s amazingly wonderful red hair, she had some killer details and rock star shoes. Here are some of my favorite moments from the day, and make sure to check scroll down to see some epic dance photos!

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While I was with Kerry getting ready, my wonderful second shooter Gabby documented Matt and his groomsmen getting ready.  AngelinaRosePhotography  (120)AngelinaRosePhotography  (121)AngelinaRosePhotography  (125)

I’m loving their expressions in their first look. AngelinaRosePhotography  (152)AngelinaRosePhotography  (158)AngelinaRosePhotography  (161)AngelinaRosePhotography  (172)AngelinaRosePhotography  (183)AngelinaRosePhotography  (174)AngelinaRosePhotography  (178)AngelinaRosePhotography  (182)AngelinaRosePhotography  (203) AngelinaRosePhotography  (211)AngelinaRosePhotography  (225)AngelinaRosePhotography  (250)AngelinaRosePhotography  (271)AngelinaRosePhotography  (276) AngelinaRosePhotography  (389)AngelinaRosePhotography  (392)AngelinaRosePhotography  (398)AngelinaRosePhotography  (402)AngelinaRosePhotography  (403)AngelinaRosePhotography  (418)AngelinaRosePhotography  (435)AngelinaRosePhotography  (440)AngelinaRosePhotography  (483)AngelinaRosePhotography  (520)AngelinaRosePhotography  (530)AngelinaRosePhotography  (545)Boston Wedding photographer_020

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Kerry and Matt, thank you so much! I had such an amazing time documenting your incredible wedding. AngelinaRosePhotography  (279)