Engagement Session – Emma and Dave

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of doing an engagement session with Emma and Dave. These two were awesome! They were totally willing to do any of my crazy ideas. We were having such a good time our session might have run a tidbit late. Whoops! The best part is what is coming in two weeks… MAUI!! I’m joining these two for their incredible  Hawaiian wedding in Maui.

Emma and Dave I had so much fun with the two of you. I cannot wait to rock it with the both of you for your wedding in Hawaii. It’s going to be incredible.

Erin and Willie: Public House Wedding in Sturbridge MA

Erin and Willie were so awesome. In the past few weeks you might think that New England has become a rain forest with the amount of precipitation we’ve been getting. Erin and Willie wedding day just happened to be on one of those rainy days. We waited all day for the drizzle to stop for even a few minutes, but the rain never did. The couple however were so great, they did not let the weather dampen their moods. Instead the couple rocked it out to some amazing music and danced away the day at the Public House in Sturbridge, MA.

I always love learning about my couples. I found out that Erin and Willie met at a local themed party. That night Erin came home and told her parents that she had met her future husband, and she did. Here are some of my favorites from their fun filled day.

Erin chose an awesome pair of flats to wear and decorated them with a little pearl accents to match her jewlery.


I found a cool reflection in the bureau.  I’m loving Erin’s little details.

The couple had their ceremony in the old barn. 

Erin and Willie made sure to encompas their love of music into all their details. The place cards were designed like ticket stubs and each table was a different band. I must admit, they have an awesome taste in music! They even designed the records at the center of each table.

Each table had a small bride and groom Pez dispenser that we decided to have a little fun with.
 Even thought it rained all day, we still managed to make it outside for a few portraits. The photo to the right is dubbed the magic umbrella shot because the umbrella is mysteriously being held up even without Willie holding it.  We moved under a covered porch to try and stay a little dry.

I love how Erin is checking out her ring with her girlfriends. Adam grabbed this next shot.

One of my favorite parts of the night, Erin’s parent took Erin and Willie’s high school photos off of the guest table and danced around the room with them. It was priceless!

Once Micheal Jackson came on, Willie totally let loose. 

Erin and Willie, congratulations! I hope you’ve enjoyed your teasers!

Janna and Brian – Jones River Trading Wedding

Janna was another high school classmate of mine. It’s been really great connecting with former classmates. It also just happens to be our 10 year high school reunion! Im not quite sure when that happened. Although, I’m pretty sure Janna’s wedding was its own mini reunion. Janna was the most laid back bride, I loved it! Janna and Brian were great to work with. Wedding preparations took place down the road at a local hotel. The couple was married in her father’s town at the First Parish Unitarian Church and the reception followed at Jones River Trading in Kingston, MA.
Janna had two different shoes to wear so we made sure to have a little fun with them. Thanks Adam for helping put this together!

One of Janna’s friends had this awesome hanger made for her!

Brian had written Janna a note and surprised her with a gift.We headed off to the ceremony at the First Parish Unitarian Church.

Brian and Janna checking out the rings. 

When Brian’s parents were announced they did this little number!Janna’s father opened up the floor to speeches. He gave an amazing and animated speech! Thanks Adam for covering the speeches while I photographed the guests. Janna and Brian’s friend played them their first dance song. 

Brian and his mom putting on the moves. After the dances and the cake cutting the floor opened up! Janna and Brian had these awesome Mardigrass masked they passed out to the guests. I love the throwdown for the bouquet toss!Janna and Brian your wedding was awesome! I had so much fun. Thank you so much for everything. Also, a big thank you to my second shooter Adam who really helped me be in two places at once!