Wellesley College and Country Club Wedding, Wellesley MA

Q- What lead you to have a wedding the way you did?

We knew right off the bat that we wanted a Fall wedding in New England. Boston was the top contender since that’s where I grew up and it’s where we’d like to settle down eventually. The most important factor for us as we were considering venue, location, vendors, etc was making sure that we could have all of our friends and family there. We wanted to make sure that the venue was in a place where people could enjoy the weekend (many of Brent’s friends and family had not been to Boston), the logistics made it as easy as possible for people to make it and just have a good time (not worry about driving, not too far from the city), and that the venue was a good enough size where we could invite everyone that was important to us (and fit our awesome band!) and that the space wouldn’t be too crowded. Having our friends and family there was the most important thing for us.

Q-  What were you most excited about before the wedding?
Having all of our friends and family (especially those who we have not seen in awhile) together in one place. We had people coming in from all sides of the country, and even internally – with the farthest people coming in from China. We wanted to spend as much time as we could with everyone, so we made sure to take full advantage of the weekend with a big rehearsal dinner in Faneuil Hall followed by a welcome party, the wedding itself, and then a brunch the next morning! We were also very excited to finally see our band perform live (I made Brent watch their video on youtube probably 100 times leading up to the wedding).
 Q- Did anything happened that you were’t expecting?
Well we were kind of expecting rain, but had been hoping it wouldn’t happen 🙂 It ended up working out even with a few rain clouds, and we got some of our best pictures because we were rushed into the boathouse nearby. And then the weather at the reception was perfect and everyone said they got amazing sunset photos!
Q- Which images did you love the most?
Oh man, so hard to choose there are so many! I think the photos of us and the bridal party walking back after the ceremony ended were beautiful – the colors were really beautiful. We also loved the photos in the boathouse before the ceremony, and the photos of the two of us by the lake right after the ceremony.

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