Hi, I’m Angelina.

But usually it’s Ange or Angie.

When I was a child I spent most of my time at college. My mom would pack me up (along with all her art supplies) and tote me around to all her fine art classes. It was the only time I ever sat still.

I strive for raw, honest, and emotional images that showcase the connection between the two of you and the love you share for your friends and family. Through this lens, I am able to translate the love you feel, frame by frame, into images you can keep and share. In the end, your memories are preserved works of art, ready to be gathered together in an album or hung on your walls.

It is where I was introduced to light, composition, and an artist’s vision. My exposure to art set the wheels of creativity in motion and led me here. It also helped form how I document weddings. This is where I begin with you – documenting the unscripted tender moments and real emotion. Sometimes, its the unexpected seconds that can become the most beautiful memories.

I’m a former biologist, avid traveler and dessert connoisseur who has never shied away from a nice glass of whiskey or wine. I’m married to a man who luckily loves hosting friends and family as much as I do, and I’m the proud caretaker to 2 large dogs and 1 tiny human.

And I can't wait to meet you.

A few tidbits

About Me

I love gardening and spend a small fortune buying and growing different plants. just ask me about it.

I’m a competitive swimmer. I swim breast stroke and am therefore forced to swim Ims...

I travel as much as possible. Life is too short to stay home.

I have two amazing dogs that I love to pieces, Charlie and Rufus.

I’m Highly food motivated. Just dangle a pastry in front of me and you’ll see.

I splurge and make myself delicious lattes. It also means I have too much coffee.

I’m married to a wonderful person and we love hosting family over at our house.

I was a molecular diagnostics and pharmaceuticals biologist.

I tried triathlons for a bit. I'm always ready to go for a walk or a hike. I never say no to dessert.

I can always eat. I want people to feel comfortable and relaxed around me, sorta like I've always been there. Above all, I’m a lover of stories, and I’d be honored to be able to hear yours and help bring it to life.

a little behind the scenes

Here are a variety of photographs throughout the years with multiple hair colors, styles lengths. Some decisions were better than others. I try hard now to document us because you can never seem to have too many images of the trips you've gone on, the people you've meet or the things you've done.




Images culled and processed



years of wedding photography

ready to connect