Boston College Chapel Wedding: Boston, MA: Noriko and Shuji


Shuji wanted to share his love of Boston with his wife Noriko, so the coupled decided to have a small intimate ceremony at the BU chapel. I started with them at the Hotel, but due to the rain they opted to finish getting ready in the basement of the chapel. The beautiful thing about a rainy day is it creates incredible light which helped set the scene for the couples wedding day. As the couple finished getting ready, Shuji seemed just a bit nervous to meet his beautiful wife. Shuji and Noriko’s filed into the church and waited for their ceremony. Afterwards, we took the family formals outside, protected from downpour of rain, in the archways of the church. The rain truly did not damper the couples spirits. When it came time to their portraits they had wanted to journey through beacon hill and the Boston Gardens. So, Noriko and Shuji said, you only live once and jumped out of the taxi into the rain and the three of us walked all over Boston to create some beautiful portraits of the two of them. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites.
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