Scott & Katie: Wedding at Battle Ship Cove in New Bedford, MA

     First  off let me say that it was FREEZING outside and Katie and Scott managed to get through their entire session without one complaint. It was so cold I was having trouble pressing my shutter button and Katie trouped the whole thing out in her wedding dress and high heels. Scott, this girl is definitely a keeper! Scott and Kate decided to have their session on the battleship in Fall River MA. These are potentially the manliest wedding photos ever. In order to alleviate the bone chilling cold, I decided it was time to into the engine room for some closer photos so we could all warm up a little bit. Here are a few of my favorites:

Kate & John: Wedding at Battle Ship Cove in New Bedford, MA

   I love Kate and John. They are an amazing couple and I am so happy they picked me to be their wedding photographer. Kate is a kick-ass doctor for the military and John is a business guy. They make the sweetest couple and they know how to have a good time!

It was an emotional ceremony. The  most touching moment happened when Kate and John were exchanging vows. The two started to tear up, so Kate shared her heirloom family hankercheif to wipe away their tears.  It was an adorable moment, surely will be one of my favorites.

Kate and John threw an awesome reception and had a great wedding party to help lead in the festivities.  Best of luck to the both of you. I would like to extend a HUGE ‘Thank You’  to Joline for helping me to capture the day. Thanks so much for letting me capture this awesome day! Best of luck to the both of you!

My Favorite Moment!Kate’s DadBattle ship CoveAwesome shot from my second shooter.