Intimate Wedding at Arnold Arboretum, Jamacia Plain Boston MA: Addy and Moe

I have to admit that an intimate wedding at the Arnold Arboretum in early spring in Boston, really is one of the most perfect places to have a wedding. Here is a little about what the couple had to say about their wedding and some of my favorite images from the day.

What led you to have a wedding the way you did? Family, friends, location, etc?

We had an intimate ceremony with our family and a small group of friends – 17ppl total – at the Arnold Arboretum, followed by lunch at a nearby restaurant. One of our first dates was at the Arboretum. We always found it peaceful and relaxing with its tall, magnificent trees, the colorful lilacs, the Japanese garden, its greenery at every season. In fact, throughout the years, we’d take strolls there early Saturday mornings after an exhausting week of work and feel energized and reconnected. We are both close to our families. Mo’s family lives just outside of Boston and mine flew in from Europe. What a heart-warming gift if was to have everyone there in the same place, meeting for the first time, smiling happily, and somehow communicating ok despite the language barrier. We wanted our wedding to be as much about us as it would be about our families. I think they enjoyed and were touched by the intimacy of it all. I know also that both Mo and I, both of us shying away from attention, preferred having relatively few eyes on us. The next day, we hosted a dinner party with our friends. We bought out a restaurant, had a wonderful, young D.J. play some fun music and had great food and drinks while catching up with everyone. We both felt so relaxed and overjoyed to have so many lovely faces in one place, chatting with us and getting to know each other! 

What were you most excited about before the wedding?

We were ecstatic to know that Addy’s family could all be there. 

Did anything surprise you?

Yes, a few things. We knew Angie was talented because of her previous body of work, but we didn’t know just how good she was! Her presence was completely unnoticed and yet, the images she took captured the right feelings at the right time. The weather was also a wonderful surprise! It had been raining for about 2 weeks (early May weather) but the day we got married, there was this beautiful sunshine and warmth. We were also surprised by how quickly time passed! 

Which images did you love the most?

It’s very hard to pick a particular one. But maybe the one where Angie says “now squeeze together” and our families just laugh and Mo’s hand it stretched out, trying to reach them all. Such a candidly happy shot! 

Any advice for couples going through this process or about to go through the process?

Remember how lucky you are to have found each other – the rest of the wedding details will sort themselves out. Except photography – for that you absolutely need Angie! 

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