Laura and Jack: Outdoor Engagement Session

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Jack and I met in high school and we’ve been together for almost 10 years! It’s been really special to grow up together — going through major life events like high school and college, first jobs and apartments, etc. Our friends and family have also gotten really close over the last decade so our wedding day is going to be incredible special with everyone.
Why did you decide to do an engagement session
We decided to do the engagement session because neither of us have been professionally photographed, outside of a school picture day or being in a wedding party. Angie suggested that getting in front of the camera, especially together as a couple, would be a great way to work out some of the awkwardness we might feel before being photographed on our wedding day.
How did you feel before after and during the session?
Before the session we were both nervous — it felt like an awkward task to be photographed in romantic poses. However, Angie was great and assured us awkward moments can make for great photographs! Jack and I are both outgoing and laugh a lot, so during the session we laughed out any weirdness and eventually figured out we needed more guidance. It was great to build rapport with Angie and also to know what to expect on our wedding day. We’re both so glad we did the engagement shoot — we feel more comfortable in front of the camera for our wedding day.

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