New England Aquarium Wedding: Jamie and Mathew

Every couple should have the wedding that is the most meaningful to them. Jamie and Mathew did just that. The couple opted to hold their ceremony a few days before the reception. I started with them at a home they rented in Rockport MA.  The Ceremony overlooked the bay with only a few family members in attendace and of course the couples dogs. Jamie’s mother, a judge, officiated.  Afterwards we took a quick drive down the street for some portraits by the pier. Thankfully, we hit it right in time for golden hour. We took our time so the couple could enjoy the moment and relax into some portraits. We made sure to take advantage of the iconic New England coastline and the warm glow of the sun.

A few days later, I met up with the couple for their reception at the New England Aquarium. We leisurely strolled up and prepared for one of my favorite experiences, the Seal Kiss! An couple hours before the reception began, the couple and I were allowed into the seal enclosure, for an up close and personal experience with Ursula. Ursula, a little leery of the movement of Jamie’s white dress, performed spectacularly. She waved at us, kissed their cheeks and posed for a few images! It was the best way to start a reception. Afterwards, we grabbed some beer and pretzels to unwind from the exhilarating experience. When we were ready, we walked around the aquarium and created some unique images. Personally, I love the image of the whale skelton hanging from the ceiling! When the guest arrived Jamie and Mathew greeted them and danced the night away. All the way around, a wonderful way to celebrate someones wedding!

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