Newborn Photography: Emma and Dave

Boston Newborn photographer One of the greatest and unexpected pleasures of my job is the connection I develop with my clients. It’s like running the gauntlet. We slave away for a year prepping for a wedding and then when its here I witness first hand one of the most meaningful days in their lives. By documenting their wedding I’ve helped capture the moments they will share with friends and family, and for some their own children. Going through this process with couples has been one of the most rewarding experiences. It means the world to me to develop these relationships and even more so to have my couple call me at the birth of their baby. Nothing can be more important to a parent then welcoming into the world their children and nothing is more important to me than being the one to tell the story. These moments are gone so quickly, so get them documented. I’m so happy to share with you Emma and Dave’s beautiful baby girl. I hope you love them as much as I do, and seriously check out the image of Isabella sticking her tongue out at me! Feel free to be a little nostalgic and take a gander at Emma and Dave’s wedding story, part 1 and part 2! Low Res - Emma and Dave (9)Low Res - Emma and Dave (17)Low Res - Emma and Dave (22)Low Res - Emma and Dave (23)Low Res - Emma and Dave (30)Low Res - Emma and Dave (31)Low Res - Emma and Dave (48)Low Res - Emma and Dave (77)Low Res- Emma and Dave (89)Low Res - Emma and Dave (74)

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