Rhodes on the Pawtuxet Wedding, Rhode Island: Katie and Hemang

What led you to have a wedding the way you did? Family, friends, location, etc?

After 12 years together (!), we wanted to have a party with the people we love the most. We have large, fun families, so finding a space that would accommodate all of us, have ample dance space, AND give us awesome options for both Indian and non-Indian food were the main pieces in our “Venn Diagram of Needs.” We wanted our families to feel like we represented traditions and to put all our guests in the mood to enjoy and celebrate together. We went for a big celebration, and we think we got a great one at that.

What were you most excited about before the wedding?

 We were most excited to be with all the people we love in one place, and see everything come together after all the planning (the food, flowers, mandap, music…!)

Did anything surprise you?

Honestly, our vendors and staff went above and beyond on our wedding day. We knew things were going to come together beautifully, but everything felt seamless so we weren’t really surprised by anything.

Which images did you love the most?

Seriously all of them. We grinned ear-to-ear going through the images, because each one just captured the feeling of joy that we felt throughout the day. Not going to lie, the dance floor images are really fabulous and the photos of our family and friends getting hyped up during the baraat (groom’s procession) are just phenomenal.

Any advice for couples going through this process or about to go through the process?

It has been said before and should be said again and again:  don’t stress the small stuff. It is indeed really easy to get bogged down by the details when planning all the pieces for a wedding, so working with vendors that you trust and whose work you respect/admire is really key. Keep in mind that you are working with wonderful professionals who know what they’re doing and want to make your day awesome! Above all, a wedding is about bringing two families together, so no matter what it’s going to be an amazing celebration 🙂