Erin and Brian – Heritage Gardens Wedding Cape Cod, MA: Part 2

Part 2 of Erin and Brian’s wedding at the Heritage Gardens in Cape Cod, MA. After the first look photos (Part 1) Erin and Brian decided to do family photos and their formals photos. The couple planned a lot of time for photos so we made sure to really make use it 🙂 We started in the Heritage Gardens Labrynth. The ground was covered with crushed clam shells. While we found the clamshells made it a little more slippery, it set a beautiful scene.Erin and Brian’s bridal party was so much fun!The ceremony had a lovely backlight. We couldn’t have asked for more perfect conditions.Nitya’s awesome angle!I love how the little boy, Andrew, is cheering in the aisle! Erin and Brian had amazing beautiful details. They mixed beautiful pastel peonies with antique centerpieces. Erin and Brian thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable. I loved meeting your friends and family! You had a beautiful wedding, I don’t think we could have asked for better weather or lighting! Congratulations! Also, a big thank you to Nitya.

Here is one of my favorite shots from the night!


Erin and Brian – Wedding at the Heritage Gardens in Cape Cod – Sandwich, MA, Part 1

I’m really excited to bring you Erin and Brian’s Wedding at the Heritage Gardens in Cape Cod. Their wedding was incredible! I had such a hard time picking images that I’ve decided to break up the post into two blog posts.

Erin and Brian gave me oodles of time so I really played around with her bridal portraits and their couples photos. I hope you enjoy these getting ready images and first look photos. Also if you’d like to take a look at their beach and antiquing engagement photos you can view them here.

Erin decided to do her own makeup and I must say, she did a phenomenal job.This may be my favorite shot.After her makeup, Erin’s really fun bridesmaids helped her into her stunning gown!The first time Erin’s dad saw her.
Some bridal portrait fun.I just loved this!Erin and Brian’s first look at the Heritage Gardens.I just love Brian’s expression as he sees Erin for the first time. Thanks Nitya taking the photo of Erin on the left while I concentrated on Brian on the right.
Make sure to come back for Part two of this post. I will be posting Erin and Brians formals and their really fun ceremony and reception! I’m ending with one more photo of their first look. Enjoy!