Wedding at Searles Castle, Windham NH: Kelly and Denis


On this dreary 4th of July I thought I would brighten up your day a bit by sharing with you Kelly and Denis’ wedding at Searles Castle in Windham NH. It was my first time at Searles but it is a really interesting venue, with really interesting lighting opportunities. The couple decided to do a first look at the venue and then we followed up with their portraits and the wedding party. This really allowed them the time to enjoy cocktail hour with friends and family. Here are some of my favorites from the day. AngelinaRosePhotography (53)AngelinaRosePhotography (63)AngelinaRosePhotography (65)AngelinaRosePhotography (70)AngelinaRosePhotography (75)While Kelly was finishing up at her mothers house, Denis was having a bit of fun in his hotel room. A big thanks to Caroline for working with me on this wonderful wedding. AngelinaRosePhotography (50)

The couple decided to meet at the Castle for their first look and portraits. I love Denis’ expression as he hear Kelly approaching.
AngelinaRosePhotography (88)AngelinaRosePhotography (91)AngelinaRosePhotography (110)AngelinaRosePhotography (122)AngelinaRosePhotography (136)AngelinaRosePhotography (127)AngelinaRosePhotography (135)AngelinaRosePhotography (132) AngelinaRosePhotography (148)AngelinaRosePhotography (143)AngelinaRosePhotography (157)

Before heading off the ceremony we took a few bridal portraits of Kelly around Searles. AngelinaRosePhotography (236)

Hungry? Why wait? Grab a baby stroller.AngelinaRosePhotography (211)AngelinaRosePhotography (243)AngelinaRosePhotography (293)AngelinaRosePhotography (285)AngelinaRosePhotography (301)AngelinaRosePhotography (318)AngelinaRosePhotography (319)AngelinaRosePhotography (336)AngelinaRosePhotography (345)AngelinaRosePhotography (349)AngelinaRosePhotography (373)AngelinaRosePhotography (384)AngelinaRosePhotography (400)AngelinaRosePhotography (401)AngelinaRosePhotography (407)

Watching this might have made me laugh for an hour. The unintended consequence of wearing a puffy dress and not knowing why the stroller keeps getting stuck in it. LOVE IT. AngelinaRosePhotography (551)AngelinaRosePhotography (481)AngelinaRosePhotography (488)AngelinaRosePhotography (495)

AngelinaRosePhotography (508)AngelinaRosePhotography (531)AngelinaRosePhotography (517)AngelinaRosePhotography (536)AngelinaRosePhotography (527)AngelinaRosePhotography (525)AngelinaRosePhotography (523)AngelinaRosePhotography (544)AngelinaRosePhotography (513)AngelinaRosePhotography (530)AngelinaRosePhotography (547)AngelinaRosePhotography (545)

Denis has the best expressions!AngelinaRosePhotography (596)AngelinaRosePhotography (602)AngelinaRosePhotography (611)AngelinaRosePhotography (613)AngelinaRosePhotography (618)AngelinaRosePhotography (616)AngelinaRosePhotography (636)AngelinaRosePhotography (658)AngelinaRosePhotography (795)AngelinaRosePhotography (825)

Then this came out of nowhere! EPIC!AngelinaRosePhotography (804)AngelinaRosePhotography (818)AngelinaRosePhotography (816)AngelinaRosePhotography (814)AngelinaRosePhotography (781)AngelinaRosePhotography (752)AngelinaRosePhotography (732)AngelinaRosePhotography (722)AngelinaRosePhotography (703)AngelinaRosePhotography (656)AngelinaRosePhotography (828)AngelinaRosePhotography (559)