Newport Vineyards Wedding, Middletown, RI: Erin and Erik

What were you most excited about before the wedding?

Being able to throw such an amazing party for all of our closest friends and family. We love planning and hosting so this was that to the extreme! We are both big people pleasers, so we just wanted all of our guests to have a blast!

What moments did you love the most after your wedding? 

Our ceremony was just so perfect, with our best friend serving as our officiant. We also loved our first dance with our other best friend singing for us. All in all, we love how personal everything felt. The dance floor was definitely Erin’s favorite- she did not leave once! 

What was the best decision you made for your wedding?  

To go with a photographer like Angie – someone who was able to capture all these amazing moments in such a natural way. She exceeded our already lofty expectations and was able to capture so many moments and emotions that would’ve been lost to time if not for her photos.

Which images did you love the most, any one specific ones and why?  

We loved the shot of the two of us kissing underneath the veil – such a cool shot that showed just how close we felt that day. We also loved the shot of us walking back to our cocktail hour while the sun was setting – truly a moment we’ll never forget…I mean we did stop traffic crossing the street haha.

If you shared a little advice for couples going through this process what would be the biggest take away? 

On the day of, take as many moments as you can to soak it all in with your new spouse. The day passes you by so quickly, and you’ll want to relish in the happiness! And remember to just have fun- I was nervous throughout the planning process and being able to just enjoy yourselves with your closest friends and family is the best advice we can give you!

FireFly Brewery Wedding in Connecticut: Patrick and Drew

CT_Wedding_FireflyBreweryAndrew and Patrick are one of the most incredible couple I’ve come to know. The pair suited up for their wedding together sharing moments throughout the day. The couple shared their marriage with their friends and family by having guests speak during the ceremony. It was an emotional experience to say the least. Here are some of my favorite images of one of my favorite couples.  
Angelina Rose Photography-2 Angelina Rose Photography-3 FireflyBrewery_Photography_Wedding Artistic_Wedding_Photography Angelina Rose Photography-6 Angelina Rose Photography-29 Modern_Wedding_CT Angelina Rose Photography-12 Angelina Rose Photography-15 Angelina Rose Photography-17 Angelina Rose Photography-13 Wedding_Photography_CT Angelina Rose Photography-19 Angelina Rose Photography-20 Angelina Rose Photography-23 Angelina Rose Photography-59 Wedding_photography_Modern Wedding_CT_Photography Angelina Rose Photography-31 CT_Photographer_FireflyBrewery

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What a Magical Thing…

Indian Wedding-34

This weekend I received the most extraordinary email from a previous couple. I am beyond touched and I’m not sure I can properly describe my thoughts and feeling in this post. While people may think photography is a fun job, that is not why I choose to be a photographer. The real reason why, is for letters like these. I document couples at a very important time in their lives and its about showing that love and connection between them and their family. While most couples know their photography is important, my ultimate goal is to make my work even more valuable with time.
Dear Angie,
Over the past few days I’ve had the chance to rediscover the photos that you took of our wedding a year and a half ago. What I realized is that you and your team did so much more than take photos, you really captured the essence of our family, our friends and our relationships with them and with each other. What a magical thing to have in our possession and what a talent that we were lucky enough to find when we found you.
Our lives are busy and we were especially busy the year that we planned our wedding. I’m so glad that I took the time to think about the kind of photography I wanted and the way that we wanted to capture our wedding week. As I look through these photos now, I really appreciate how your photos catch us in the act of the moment so genuinely and beautifully. Many of these moments I didn’t even have time to process and now I am able to relive them. It was a special time that we won’t get back, but your photos seem to have frozen the emotions in place. Treasure forever was a phrase that really made me cringe during wedding planning, but I think it makes a bit more sense to me now 🙂
As I mentioned to you, we just spent some time with relatives in England and as I look at the photos I am so struck by how you were able to capture the quirkiness of some of the characters in our family (including the bride and groom at times).
This is my long winded way of saying thank you.
I feel so lucky that we had the chance to work with you. Keep up the good work.
Paven and Erich
To view the images from their 3 day wedding click the following links:

Indian Wedding PhotographerIndian Wedding-90Paven and Erich-282Indian Wedding-127Artistic Wedding Photographer