Harvard Faculty Club Wedding, Cambridge MA: Lauren and Eric

Elegant Wedding PhotograpyLauren and Eric were married at the beautiful Harvard Memorial Church in Cambridge, MA. The couple first met in 2007 in their 8am Spanish class taken at UNC. They eventually realized they pursued the same course of study –Latin American Studies/Spanish majors with a Business minor. Their mutual interests soon went beyond the classroom.

Lauren and Eric make a wonderful couple! It’s easy to see that they are best friends and in love. After the ceremony they sat up in the balcony taking in the moment as they watched their guests depart.

The reception followed at the Harvard Faculty Club. Lauren and Eric had an array of speakers who’s speeches were filled with thoughtful and funny moments, from waiting for free bagels out side of Panera to childhood dreams of becoming dictator of a small country.

Lauren and her father shared a moment during the father daughter dance. After the formalities the floor opened up and the guest poured onto the dance floor.

Together they will always share their love of traveling, food and family.Angelina Rose Photography-2Angelina Rose Photography-6Boston Wedding PhotographyAngelina Rose Photography-125Angelina Rose Photography-139 Artistic Boston Wedding PhotographerAngelina Rose Photography-12Angelina Rose Photography-14Angelina Rose Photography-17Wedding Photographer in BostonBoston Wedding PhotograhyAngelina Rose Photography-21Angelina Rose Photography-22Angelina Rose Photography-23Angelina Rose Photography-24Angelina Rose Photography-25Artistic Wedding Photographer Boston MAAngelina Rose Photography-31Elegant Wedding Photographer MAAngelina Rose Photography-36Angelina Rose Photography-37Angelina Rose Photography-38MA Artistic Wedding PhotographerAngelina Rose Photography-596Angelina Rose Photography-47Angelina Rose Photography-49Angelina Rose Photography-51Angelina Rose Photography-53Angelina Rose Photography-55Angelina Rose Photography-59Angelina Rose Photography-60Angelina Rose Photography-63MA Wedding PhotographerAngelina Rose Photography-69Angelina Rose Photography-70Angelina Rose Photography-73Angelina Rose Photography-75Angelina Rose Photography-79Angelina Rose Photography-81Angelina Rose Photography-82Angelina Rose Photography-85

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