Atlantic Inn Wedding, Block Island: Matthew and Stephen

What lead you to have a wedding the way you did? Family, friends location etc?

We wanted to have a wedding that was different the traditional one, but we still wanted all of our family and friends to be able to join us.  We’d visited Block Island a few times over the past few years and fell in love with it. With the laid-back atmosphere and the scenic views, we knew it was where we wanted to tie the knot.

What were you most excited about before the wedding?

We were most excited to get to celebrate (what turned out to be a beautiful day) with our closest friends and family and to see everything we had been planning for over a year come together.

Did anything surprise you?

Looking back, it feels like the day flew by, but at the time, we truly celebrated every moment.  We were worried that the day would slip away from us, but we truly feel like we savored every detail. It’s amazing to see how much love people have for you when they set aside an entire weekend, travel varying lengths to get to you, and have a truly awesome time together.

Which images did you love the most?

All of them. Sincerely.  We went through and made a list of favorites that was still over a hundred images.  The golden hour photos are supreme, but the wedding party photos we did at the lighthouse also turned out spectacular, even if they did decide to park a crane in front of the lighthouse!

Any advice for couples going through this process or about to go through the process?

Stay true to yourself.  It truly is your day, so don’t compromise – all of your guests will be guests at other weddings, but this one is (hopefully) the only one that’s yours – you’ll remember the details so don’t let any of them bring you down.   Also, book Angie. Seriously.

Intimate Cape Cod Wedding: Dana and Danny

What lead you to have a wedding the way you did? Family, friends location etc?

We had always wanted a destination wedding and couldn’t decide on an international or domestic location.  We were also planning for an extended family vacation to the east coast, since the east coast family had been coming out west for the last couple of years and it was our turn to go east.  After discussions within the family we decided to combine the two into one event.  Dana was looking into locations such as Vermont and the Hamptons when her mother suggested Cape Cod.  As neither of us had ever been there we both thought it would be a great location.  Dana then spent countless hours looking for the perfect home that could host our entire extended family and few friends we were going to invite to the wedding.  After at least one false start with a home we loved but had questionable ownership she finally found the home that would become our venue.

What were you most excited about before the wedding?

Not only was our event a wedding, but a fun vacation for ourselves and our guests.  We planned activities and events throughout the week to keep everyone entertained leading up to the wedding and in the days after.  The whole experience was exciting from start to finish.  Not only did our guests rave about it being the best wedding they’d ever been to, but also the best vacation they’d had.

Did anything happen that you weren’t expecting?

Dana was bracing herself for the inevitable twist and turn that seems to accompany every wedding, but it never came.  We had an excellent wedding planner and everything was executed flawlessly.  It all culminated in a magical evening, and friends and family celebrating into the night.

Which images did you love the most?

That’s a hard question to answer, since all of our pictures were magnificent.  Angie captured completely the essence of our entire evening, from the emotional and intimate moments to the fun of the reception and all the candids an craziness in between.   If we had to pick, the intimate one-on-ones on the private beach are definitely some of our favorites.  Angie was the perfect photographer for our wedding, since her style matched our desire to capture images that told the story of our wedding from start to finish.

Any advise for couples going through this process or about to go through the process?

First, hire Jyl Deering, our wedding planner who steamrolled all issues and decisions on the path to a smooth and flawless wedding.  Second, hire Angie and take a sigh of relief knowing you’re in good hands and will have beautiful pictures to commemorate your wedding.  Third, sit back and enjoy your day, and don’t let the little details ruin your experience.  Only you two know how everything was supposed to be planned, and your guests will only be looking to you to know if everything is ok.  If you’re having fun, they’ll be having fun. This is a special and intimate moment that ou two will share, so enjoy it to the fullest.


Intimate Wedding – Castle Hill, Newport RI – Hung-ya and Fernando

This past year I’ve been really honing in my art for intimate weddings. I want all the feels! I love when couples gather with their closest family and friends to have an intimate celebration where they can truly be themselves and express their love. I’m so happy to share with you Hung-ya and Fernando’s intimate Castle Hill wedding in Newport RI. The couple endured the brisk early April weather for their outdoor ceremony overlooking the ocean. Afterwards, everyone cozied up inside for a delicious dinner and enjoyed the warmth of each others company.

Venue – Castle Hill

Flowers – Studio539

Cake – Confectionery Designs